Lost and Loving it

The Blogger of No Sex in San Diego now gives you Raconteuse on the Loose!

“Why does one girl need two blogs,” you ask? Well, I have a lot of supposedly interesting things to write about. My passions in life range from writing (obviously) and relationships & sex (abstinence from the latter while trying not to abstain from the former) to my faith, traveling and fashion.

Both blogs allow me to exercise my witty and undeniably entertaining banter, but No Sex in San Diego will remain my blog for relationships and faith and this blog, Raconteuse on the Loose, will be more about traveling and fashion (focusing on street fashion).

What the *#^@ is a Raconteuse? Well shucks, I’ll tell ya!


Show Spelled[rak-uhn-tœz, -tooz, -toos]
noun, plural -teus·es. A woman who is skilled in relating stories and anecdotes interestingly.

Right now I am currently living and studying in Florence, Italy and traveling all over Europe. Check No Sex in San Diego for my last three travel blogs, but from here on out, you can get all the goods propio qui (right here)!


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