Home sweet home?

So. I’m home now.

I went from visiting a new country every weekend to moving back into my mom’s house.

It’s been 15 days. I had my first day of class and work orientation this week. Where’s the adventure in that?

It seems as though someone pushed “pause” on my American life while I was living in Europe. Same drama. Same San Diego. Same responsibilities.

Looking back on Europe: I met someone new everyday, I learned how to say ‘One glass of red wine, please’ in Italian, I practiced french kissing a Frenchman (yes, they are better at it), I had a few beers with my kinsmen in Ireland, I got stalked in Piazza Republica, I fell in lust with an Italian man who spoke almost no English, I got admitted into an emergency room in Dublin, I partied until the sun rose in Spain, I went to the real Oktoberfest in Munich, I got lost at 4 a.m. in London, I experienced my first Christmas away from home in Austria, I rang in the New Year in Prague. The list goes on.

I’m not trying to say my life is miserable back home, I’m just not the same. People have been asking me “how have you changed?” Well, I’ve changed a lot but it’s not physical and it’s not all explainable. It’s like a child learning how to ride a bike for the first time. Taking those training wheels off can be scary but once you feel that wild wind blowing in your face, well… the rest is history. The breath-taking independence and freedom is blood-pumping.

You can’t go backwards on a bicycle.

So the question is… where do I go from here?


One thought on “Home sweet home?

  1. Forward. Always forward. I feel when people ask, how have you changed, I’m compelled to say “well, I guess I am just a little more ME”. Our experiences don’t necessarily define us, just bring us a little more in focus. We are still ourselves, and yet we have learned a little more about who we are as well. Now you have an insight, a small glimpse of life outside of the sphere of San Diego. The question remains, how are you going to define your experiences going forward. Life can be as mundane or fresh as you decide to make it!

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